The Board of Directors

Since Mr Gay World is a global-scale organisation every region has its own director in order to communicate with national producers and contestants. There are directors for Africa, Europe and the USA, South America & The Caribbean.

If you are an official national producer, an official national Mr Gay Champion without a producer or a potential contestant from a contry without a national Mr Gay production please contact the director responsible for your region.

You can find contact data and further information about the regional directors below.

Igor Scheurkogel

Chairman of the Board of MGW Directors and Director of MGW Asia, Africa and Oceania

Igor Scheurkogel a South African living and working in Taiwan for more than 10 years.  Teacher by day, philanthropist by night. He launched his own NGO in 2012 in South Africa which encourages and trains small towns and communities to become more self-sustainable and actively get involved with local government.

In 2013 he was selected as one of the Top 10 Mr Gay South Africa finalist competing for the Mr Gay World 2014 title. Shortly after the pageant in South Africa Igor returned to Taiwan to complete his PhD at the National Sen Yat Sun University in Kaohsiung City.

It was at one of Kaohsiung most vibrant gay events ‘Rainbow Thursday” that Igor and fellow executive team members started talking about the idea of Mr Gay Taiwan and on July 3rd 2014 the first official Mr Gay Taiwan event took place at Brickyard.  This year will be the second year that Mr Gay Taiwan will take place and also the first year that the organization will officially send a delegate to the the Mr Gay World in Malta 2016.  The theme that the Mr Gay Taiwan selected for 2015 is marriage equality in a bid to help the LGBTI community in Taiwan gain the right to “€œLOVE”€™ legally.

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Ivan Denis and Bram Bierkens

Directors of Mr Gay World Europe

van Denis is an independent consultant in the fields of Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Representation, Event Management and Social Media. And was one of the ambassadors of the worldOutgames 2013 in Antwerp. And Bram Bierkens works fulltime for the Belgium national TV channels. In addition, he is also active as a presenter, singer and media coach.

Together they live in the historic center of Antwerp, Belgium. Where they have founded the non-profit association Young Dynamic Style – Events (YDS Events), responsible for the organization of various events in the LGBT community. Including the Mister Gay Vlaanderen election that represent Belgium internationally.

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Juan Martin Boll and Nano Garcia

Directors of MGW Latin-America and Caribbean

Juan, an Argentinean living in Madrid, Spain, is an entrepreneur specialized in organizing events. Since 2007 he is a member of the Gay Pride Madrid Organization and Secretary of Madrid Tourism Business Association for Gay and Lesbians (AEGAL). Since 2008 he is founder and Director of Mr. Gay Pride Spain Contest, one of the most prestigious gay events in the country and nowadays he is a member of the 2017 World Pride Madrid Organization.

Nano has a degree in Business Administration, specialized in marketing and events communication, actor and presenter, and since 2008 he is Co-founder and General Coordinator of Mr. Gay Pride Spain Contest.

Juan and Nano have created a well-known reputation in the production of events and shows within the LGBT community.

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Ron Kuijpers

Director of MGW North and Central America

Ron moved 24 years ago, from his home country The Netherlands, to Mexico to live with his present partner. As an agricultural engineer and a marketeer he had been living in France, Africa and Guatemala before. Upon arriving in Mexico, Ron got involved in the tourist bussiness and in 1998 he founded his own agency focussing on LGBT travel. In 2007 he became the Ambassador for the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association in Mexico.

Since 2011 he has been involved, together with his business partner Francisco Aguilera, in MrGayWorld Mexico and his organization has been organizing the National finals for MrGayWorld Mexico every year since then. Each year the selections are starting with a number of State finals in the different Mexican States and are ending with a three day National final event were the representative of the different States participate for the titel MrGayWorld Mexico. They have been participating in the international finals since 2012

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