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Javier Yeste - SPAIN

My name is Javier Yeste Sánchez Fortún, and I was born in Águilas, a town on the coast of Murcia, in 1997, which makes me 26 years old. At the age of 18, I moved to the capital of Murcia to continue my studies, specifically pursuing a degree in law.

I currently still reside in the city of Murcia due to the job I hold as a manager at a nightclub, while I work towards completing my degree. I consider myself an outgoing and cheerful guy, content with the life I lead and a friend to my friends. I am also a hardworking individual and hold high standards for myself.

I started working at a young age to support my studies and life in the city. My immediate goal is to prepare for the national police entrance exam or explore career options within the field of law. This is a brief summary of my current life and my aspirations for the future.


Francisco Aros - CHILE

An ambassador for the LGBTQ+ community, he is known for his warmth and deep commitment to the people around him. Chosen as Winner for the title of Mister Gay Chile 2023, Francisco has stood out not only for his physical attractiveness, but also for his kind heart and his connection with the community.


That’s the official thing, but I want to tell you a little more about myself. I come from a country in the south of the world, where you can find the driest desert in the world and a very interesting culture, but also with landscapes that are unforgettable for me. I studied in the city of Calama where I have many friends and of course the greatest treasure of my heart, my family, which I want to represent before you today. I consider that I am a hard-working boy, with a clear focus in this life to always try to be a better person. My mother always says: “don’t do what you don’t like done to you” a Chilean saying.


As a finalist for Mister Gay Chile 2023 I have committed to using its platform to promote self-love, acceptance and unity. Strengthen the ability to help people and create an environment of inclusion.


I am an Aesthetic Doctor and I believe that beauty lies in kindness and genuine connection with others. It’s not just a physical aspect. I would like my social campaign #Boostyourmindlgbtq+ to make history in the community and inspire everyone to be kind, authentic and fight for a world where everyone feels valued and accepted. It’s not a dream, it’s our right.

Dion Alexander - AUSTRALIA

Dion is a strong advocate for the LGBTIQA+ community. Winning the title of Mr Gay Pride Australia in 2022 with the mission of making a significant contribution to end homophobia, biphobia and transphobiain sport Dion works with professional and community organisations to facilitate a change in attitudes towards the Rainbow community.

Dion has had a particular focus on sport and is currently leading a campaign for the inclusion of a Pride Round in the AFL Men’s competition. To achieve this he is extending his work with the Rainbow Swans (the official LGBTIQA+ supporter group of the Sydney Swans) to the AFL Pride Collective a group of all AFL Pride Supporter Groups.

Dion’s contributions to the LGBTIQA+ community include multiple pride campaigns with HSBC, the Sydney Swans, the Rainbow Swans, the Rainbow on the Plains Festival, Mr Gay Pride Australia and the Marriage Equality Campaign. These contributions have ranged from social media campaigns, panel and guest speaking, social change organising and public speaking including being interviewed in front of 40,000 people at the SCG.

David Allwood - GREAT BRITAIN

David is very proud to be the first delegate to be representing Great Britain at Mr Gay World in nine years. Following winning Mr Gay England in 2022, David has worked on numerous campaigns to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Great Britain.

His work is focussed on empowerment, inclusivity and giving people a sense of belonging.

David was named as one of the 50 most inspirational LGBT Londoners by London Friend in 2023 and was given a thirty page feature in Jack the Lad Magazine about his work in the community.

David is the founder of HOMOPARODY Queer Collective. He started this to bring LGBTQ+ people back together after covid and has raised thousands of pounds for LGBTQ+ charities. HOMOPARODY perform at Prides all over the country and also run weekly community dance classes and socials to bring people together and combat loneliness.

David worked as a professional dancer for over ten years and is now an international choreographer and Senior Lecturer in Dance at Creative Academy. He dedicates all of his work to the memory of his parents.

Vishal Pinjani - INDIA

Vishal Pinjani (he /him)is LGBTQIA++ rights activist .He is motivational speaker and a life coach.

He is an entrepreneur, running a bookstore and a publication house. As a publisher Vishal has launched several first-authors.

He is the founder of ABHIMAAN,  a community-based organization for human rights and well-being of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities and sex workers.

He is also two-TEDx speaker. In his Ted talks he’s spoken about allying with Indian LGBTIQA+and marriage equality.

He conducts online and offline sessions on understanding LGBTIQA+ to help create equal,inclusive and empowered society,Diversity and Inclusion atwork place.

He writes poetry about his experiences as openly gay man in his mother tongue Sindhi and English.He is performed his poetry twice at international literature festival organized by Sahitya Academy.

He hopes to live his life in way to inspire people to love freely and live fearlessly.

Troy Michael Smith - GUAM

Troy is a 36 year old professional real estate agent, small business owner, and mental health advocate. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science/ English from Saint Vincent College in 2009. He was a collegiate athlete and captain of the men’s tennis team.

In 2020, Troy ran for political office in Alaska’s state capital, Juneau, to serve on the city assembly. His campaign focused on mental health as the leading cause for homelessness, the opioid crisis, and high suicide statistics. Additionally, Troy pressed government officials to issue a state of emergency to address Alaska’s mental health crisis.


Currently, Troy serves on the board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). In addition, he recently launched a suicide awareness platform, “The Forward Project,” with a mission to provide education, resources, and suicide prevention training to help significantly reduce the amount of suicide attempts each year, especially within the LGBTQ community.


Troy actively advocates for mandatory suicide prevention classes to be provided by ALL employers, regardless of their field. Also, due to the alarmingly high suicide statistics within the gay community, he also advocates for LGBTQIA+ Studies to be required in ALL educational curriculums from elementary school through university.

Nazmadih Mateem Nujan - THAILAND

My name is Nazmadih Mateem Nujan, 30 years old, a full-time permaculture farmer and part time outdoor educator for Rock climbing adventure company as a climbing instructor.


I am originally from the province rightby Malaysia called Yala. I was born and raised among fully Muslim members, My father was serving military for over 30years while my mother is still a primary school teacher.


I graduated from Chiangmai University, bachelor degree in Political Science, majoring International Affairs.


When I was in the University, my main focus was to build interpersonal skills between Foreign students and local Thai students. Therefore I was honored to receive full time scholarship to be a student coordinator for a year when I was on second year of college.


However, I was lack of my confidence to be out of the closet because of the mainstream society that time until I met with couples of my seniors who established “Young Pride Club” which operates under “Chaingmai Pride”. After I joined their community, I have gained enough confidence to come out and stand for who I am up until now.


I am passionated on providing quality education to community that is considered under privilege such as the community where my family currently lives in Phatthalung, Southern Thailand. Where I had started the small learning center farm right after the first global pandemic hit, to provide local children and their families build up understanding towards self esteem, leadership, and sexual orientation and especially drug abuse according to my personal experience learned.


I hope Mister Gay World Platform would allow myself from speaking out of my own experience, sharing the process, to listen to other people experiences as well as embracing with other friends from all over the world under what I would like to call it “My Mister Gay World Family”.

Mark David - USA

Marky David was originally from the Philippines and moved to California in 2013.


He has a degree in Engineering, where he used to be a Professor, and is now exploring the Construction Industry in California. During his college years, he started joining male pageants, using his winnings as reserved funds for his school until he decided to end his journey in pageantry when he began working in the corporate world.


A couple of years ago, he decided to give back to the LGBTQA+ community by supporting the elderly LGBTQA+ and advocating for Transgender Rights in the Bay Area, California. Since pageantry became more of a platform base, he thought that by joining the Mr. Gay World pageant, he would be able to collaborate with the Organization’s platform and the cause he believes in so that he could voice out about Transgender Rights in advocating for anti-violence and safe space. With his campaign #TransThrive, he would like to focus on gender-affirming healthcare and protection against discrimination to create an inclusive environment for transgender people.

Maarten Truijen - BELGIUM

Hi Beautiful souls,


My name is Maarten, and I proudly represent my wonderful country Belgium in this years Mr Gay World competition. I’m 34 years old, and ready to show the world the power of unconditional love with my campaign: ‘One Love, Many Colors’!


I’m a real ‘people person,’ but I can definitely enjoy a cozy evening cuddling with my pets. (With a good glass of wine ofcourse! Hahaha…)


During the day, I guide individuals as a spiritual coach, helping them on their journey of self-discovery and inner peace.


As a co-owner of a ladies’ boutique, I blend fashion with empowerment, encouraging women to embrace their unique style.


I embody the values of inclusivity, empathy, and self-expression that Mr. Gay World stands for. With wisdom, style, and a deep love for all beings, I’m ready to make a lasting impact on the global stage.


Get ready to join me on this transformative journey as I compete for the prestigious title of Mr. Gay World 2023.


And never forget…




I’m John Pascual Dela Serna III, I’m 29 years old and currently living in Pasay Philippines. I’m the 5th among my 9th sibling and only LGBT member in the family and currently an ambassador of love yourself on how to protect yourself from HIV and other diseases .


I’ve finished Bachelor in Science and Marine Transportation but due to my passion to animals i’m now pursuing my career of taking veterinary medicine whereas i’m now a 3rd year student and helping animals in the future if a fulfilment for me cause i’m saving lives.


Something interesting about me is i love swimming , love watching childhood anime like Pokémon, reading books more of wild life related and i have 9 dogs in my house who were my strength and stress reliever when i feel alone.


I’m joining this pageant because i would like to use my voice and influence everyone that animals have lives too and they should be taken cared of because they have benefits in our lives whereas they serve as a medicine and happiness. I’m currently doing modelling as my side-hustle to sustain my needs and finance myself on studying so that i can pursue my veterinary dream.


I always believe if you have a dream there’s a lot of ways to pursue it just do great actions and in the future you’ll see the great result.


Markus Coetzee - SOUTH AFRICA

My name is Markus Coetzee.


I’m a pilot and businessman from Pretoria, South Africa. 


I have a passion for bodybuilding and healthy living.


In an ever evolving world I have found that one of my passions, bodybuilding, has afforded me the focus and drive to constantly evolve in an ever changing world that consistently demands more from us. More passion, more focus, more drive. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.” And this is true for every single person who I have ever met or had discussions with.


As a businessman in South Africa we are faced daily with an ever evolving environment. 


We all have a duty to give back, as thanks for all our blessings. As per my social responsibility, I proudly support and assist in promoting Unchain Our Children, which is a non profit organisation based in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, who combats child prostitution, child abuse and other violations on human rights.


I’m privileged to be surrounded by strong people, people with vision and who, yet, are humble.


Naturally, we build each other up, and that ripple effect can be seen and felt with all who’m we come in contact with. 

As is such, it is our responsibility to always uplift and protect those who cannot speak or help themselves.


I have had the privilege of working with phenomenal souls in business over the years, and it has afforded me the opportunity to grow and develop as a businessman myself



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