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Cape Town, October 28, 2023 – Amidst an electrifying atmosphere, Guam’s Troy Michael Smith, a dedicated champion of mental health, clinched the prestigious title of Mr. Gay World 2023. The ceremony witnessed Smith’s remarkable journey, beating out ten international contenders for the prestigious title.

Smith, who resides in Alaska with strong ties to his Guamanian heritage, triumphed as the ultimate ambassador for his cause. With tears of joy and disbelief, the 36-year-old stated, “I feel incredible. It’s been such a great experience joining these guys from all around the globe and advocating for different causes in our own respective countries that we believe in.”

Smith’s victory not only celebrates his personal achievement but also the crucial message he conveyed about suicide prevention within the LGBTQIA+ community.

He shared, “It’s just a blessing that I was able to express my message to all the judges and my fellow contestants about suicide prevention and what we can do to help lower that high statistic within the LGBTQIA+ community specifically.”

The Mr. Gay World title was awarded based on a combination of judges’ scores and public votes. Contestants were evaluated on their knowledge of LGBTQIA+ issues and history, their commitment to social responsibility campaigns, and their demeanour in various categories.

David Allwood from the UK secured the 1st Runner-up position, while Dion Alexander from Australia was honoured as the 2nd Runner-up. Belgium and India also stood among the top five finalists.

Smith emphasised the importance of unity, saying, “We have to work together. I know that I may be the winner of this competition, but this is a team effort. I can’t change the world alone, but I could not think of a better group of guys to share this experience and advocate this cause with. This is just the beginning, and together we are going to do so many different great things, and I’m ready for it.”

Beyond his pageant success, Troy Michael Smith is a real estate agent, small business owner, and a dedicated mental health advocate. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and English and has a history as a collegiate athlete and captain of the men’s tennis team.

The 15th annual Mr. Gay World grand finale took place at Honey & Dora in De Waterkant, Cape Town. South Africa was represented by Markus Coetzee, a pilot, businessperson, and child welfare activist, who stepped in at the last minute as the delegate after Juan Pinnick withdrew from the competition.


Newly crowned Mr Gay World, Troy Michael Smith, flanked by runners up David Allwood from the UK (left) and Dion Alexander from Australia (right) (Photo: RudI Du Toit Photography)

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